Pleasant Villa Retirement Home

Pleasant Villa is one of Alabama's premier Independent Living for Senior facilities. 

Located on 6 acres in beautiful Pleasant Grove, AL, family owned and operated, it sets the standard for full-service while being one of the best values in the area. 

What is Independent Living?
It's where YOU can be YOU.  No more worrying about--or having to deal with--shopping, cooking and cleaning up after meals.  A world in which your meals are fresh cooked and served to you, your apartment is cleaned, and even your laundry is done for you weekly.  Just relax in your private apartment filled with your own keepsakes and furniture.  Or join in the activities that seem to be constantly going on.  Or come and go as you please.  YOU do what YOU want to do.  But without the hassles.

The Nicest People Live Here

Pleasant Villa Retirement Home
3380 Park Road East
Pleasant Grove, AL 35127
(205) 781-7874
FAX (205) 781-7864

Pleasant Villa Retirement Home
Independent Living for Seniors
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